The Balanced Pet Vet is a mobile veterinary service delivering in-home treatments for dogs and cats in the Los Angeles and San Diego area. We work with the clients veterinarian to create a plan to treat the whole pet. 



Founded by Tori Countner, DVM, The Balanced Pet Vet treats the whole pet, not just the illness or ailment they are enduring. By combining natural methodologies and Western Medicine, this approach pushes the boundaries of traditional veterinary care and challenges the status quo.

Our pets are living longer than ever and as a result, they are experiencing geriatric and pain issues in greater numbers. Dr. Tori launched The Balanced Pet Vet when she began to see more and more companion animals being put down due to poor quality of life, rather than actual illness or injury. Her goal is to help both pets and their owners navigate through all stages of life, illness, and pain management with the best quality of life possible.

Seeing pets in decline or in pain is especially difficult for owners who may feel helpless or disconnected, and these feelings may not always be adequately addressed by traditional veterinary medicine. The Balanced Pet Vet creates a safe space where owners can ask questions and feel they are understood and supported. With a commitment to ongoing education, Dr. Tori is constantly learning about the latest therapies, ensuring that every client receives the most recent information available, the best options for care and the tools necessary to maintain the vital human-animal bond.



The Balanced Pet Vet delivers compassion and empathy to veterinary professionals, clients, and patients in a spirit that supports the betterment of integrative veterinary care.


"As long time clients of  Dr. Tori we've been so grateful that she does house calls. We have two aging dogs with various medical concerns, ranging from seasonal allergies to recurrent ear infections. Dr. Tori has helped our dogs remain happy and "in balance" through all of these health issues. Our dogs (and our kids!) LOVE when she's at the house, her energy is so calming and warm. We also love her recommendations for their diet and alternative medicines (like essential oils) to keep their skin healthy. Dr. Tori is a wealth of information and the best part is that it comes from a deep curiosity and passion to heal and support our pets throughout their lifespan!"