Tori Countner, DVM

Dr. Tori Countner launched The Balanced Pet Vet after her work as a full-time veterinarian brought to light the many issues around longevity and pain management confronted by pets and their owners. With her unique, integrative approach to pet health, she takes the whole pet into consideration, always striving for the best overall quality of life.

Dr. Tori is a native of Los Angeles. She graduated from Harvard-Westlake School and received her bachelor's degree from Wake Forest University. After an early career in the art world, Tori began to pursue veterinary medicine with extensive medical coursework at Georgetown University. She received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Kansas State University.

After graduation, Dr. Tori moved home to Los Angeles and completed a rotating internship at Animal Specialty & Emergency Center (ASEC) in West Los Angeles. She went on to work in general practice for several years before exploring alternative therapies with training at The Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM). 

Dr. Tori is an avid proponent of incorporating both natural healing and Western Medicine into her practice, believing both are integral to encouraging each pet's best possible well-being. She is committed to lifelong learning and continues to study integrative medicine for companion animals, including in the areas of diet, supplementation, essential oils, and massage.

Dr. Tori splits her time between Los Angeles and San Diego with her three dogs Huey, Ollie, and Lenny.